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Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
report from bartow. all eyes on florida tonight. how is election day going there? >> reporter: well, thankfully so far smoothly. we've been in the news during past elections for all the wrong reasons, but this time around, no reports of major trouble anywhere around 9xzthe state. we are here in polk county, part of the i-4 corridor. a key part of the state that runs from tampa to orlando to daytona beach. itself has been key in past elections, and will no doubt be key again. there were some weather issues in pinellas county that caused a power outage. this is interesting. some robotic calls went out from the supervisor of elections in pinellas county telling people that they had until 7:00 tomorrow night to vote. obviously that was a mistake. those calls were supposed to end last night. but maybe to tell you how things are going in florida, one supervisor of elections sent out a tweet that said he got a complaint that they used blue tape to draw a line in one of the polling places, and that was sort of a subliminal message to vote democrat. so if that's the worst problem be we have
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. andrew in 92 hitting south florida. sandy now had 55 billionl plus. we have much more to go. the final total -- sandy could be the most costly. it'll be a top hurricane storm. some of that cost coming here, you haven't seen the -- the word is big time damage there. outstanding state and national parks. the sea shore, delaware, tough times getting through there. the bridge holding up okay but a lot of sand washing over the access roads here in route one and then of course here in garret where even pictures a little tough to come by. the whole state with the impacts from sandy obviously. 47 degrees right now. dew point 38, a quiet chilly kind of day and evening. nice evening to just stay in. 50 -- normal 62, watch -- sandy just shifted the weather pattern. we were talking about this, this nice warmer than average, basically indian summer pattern, that's gone now. sunset 6:05. they are act to be around five once we get to sunday because we will end daylight saving time and roll the clocks back an hour. fall back. wind from the we to ten. here is the set up temperature wise across the stat
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
'easter beginning to form off the florida coast, off the carolina coast. we're clear through tomorrow afternoon. early wednesday it's going to be interesting to she how close the system will track up the coast. if it comes in 50 miles closer, bigger tidal surge, you know, two, three, feet above normal and there will lab lot of wind, some gusts to 0 if the low comes in close to the coast. that could mean snow wrapping around. i think wet snow is limited accumulation. coating on the grassy surfaces. so keep a close eyen that nor'easter. 28, clear and frigid with a freeze warning. tomorrow 48. much of the early part of the day mid-40s. we'll also see the breezes picking up. we'll put rain and wet snow showers in for wednesday, lengering into early thursday morning. even that thursday morning drive could be impacted, a little slushy. all it takes to snarl traffic into thursday -- into friday rather, the sunshine back. it looks like a return to normal temperatures by sunday and monday, low 60s would be average for november. we've been way below average. >> no kidding. all right. >> hey, we're above
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3